NEEM Project - AI Approach to Green Mortgages

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This report outlines AI supervised approaches to scale uptake of energy efficient mortgages in the Nordics. The aim of this priority list of metrics is to enable the assessment of the readiness of the supply side to respond to the existing and emerging demands of Nordic banks to scale their energy-efficient mortgages.

The Nordic Energy Efficient Mortgage (NEEM) Hub is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project that aims at helping Nordic consumers look after their economy and the environment by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. To achieve this, the NEEM Hub developed the so-called NEEM core solution, which consists of a one-pager document outlining tailored consumer guidance on energy renovations. 

The recommendation is based on the actual home of the consumer. This is the first market solution that does not require consumers to input any data besides consenting to access their energy consumption data.

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